200 employees. 200 offices.
All the headaches.

And backaches, stiff necks, eye strain, barking dogs, crying children, Amazon deliveries, and planes overhead.
At Made for humans we create work spaces for people, that reduce mental and physical stress, take care of the environment, and ultimately help boost productivity.

A remote workforce brings with it a unique set of challenges. All the health and safety policies that are in place for your main offices apply to each team member’s own individual circumstances, and as a business your employees’ mental and physical health are of the up-most importance. Our workspaces provide an acoustically sound proofed and ergonomically designed environment designed for comfort and productivity.

Make your remote workers feel right at home.

Sound reduction
Specially fitted acoustic panels are designed to take your meetings away from the barking dog and the screaming kids and put you back in the office.

Branding options
If your employee can’t be in the office, then bring the office to them with an infinite number of branding options
No more back aches, sore necks or hunched shoulders. We carefully select our furniture to provide the best comfort and support for a full working day. We also provide individual assessments for specific needs.
Each workspace is uniquely identifiable to you and us by its What3words location.
6 sqm
of living roof
Made entirely from recycled and recyclable materials and fitted with a green living roof. So even though our workspaces have a physical footprint of six square metres they have a carbon footprint of almost zero.
of landfill reduction
By using recycled materials wherever we can, each workspace is providing much needed help in reducing landfill.
What we can't put back, we give back.
Recyclable materials

Our workspaces are built from components and materials that are either recycled or recyclable. Each one is fitted with a living green roof to offset our carbon footprint and put something good back into the environment. 

Charitable donation

Where we can’t recycle the materials in our products, we make sure we give back what we can’t put back in the form of charitable donations.

To ensure we look after people as well as our planet, we use our charitable donation to support mental health charity Mind.

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